Talend ETL Tool Training 

Course Description:

Getting started with Talend Open Studio

  • Studio Definitions
  • Starting the studio
  • Creating the project
  • Everything about Talend GUI
  • Creating an example job

Working with Metadata

  • Difference Between Built-in Schema and Repository Schema
  • Propagating Schema Changes
  • Dropping Schema to empty components
  • Cutting, Copying and Pasting schema information

Working with Files

  • Reading Delimited files
  • Reading Positional Files
  • Reading Excel Files
  • Reading XML Files
  • Reading HL7 Files

Usage of Database Components in Talend

  • tOracleConnection
    • tOracleCommit
    • tOracleRollback
    • tOracleClose
  • tOracleInput
  • tOracleOutput,Bulk and Bulk Execution
  • tOracleRow

Using tMap

  • Overview of  tMap
  • Connecting multiple inputs to tMap
  •  Join options in tMap
  • Catching Rejects in tMap
  • Using Expression Builder in tMap
  • Using Variables in tMap
  • Performance tuning of look ups in tMap

Usage of Processing Components in Talend

  • tJoin
  • tFilterRow and tFilterColumn
  • tAggregateRow
  • tSortRow
  • tReplace
  • tNormalize
  • tDeNormalize

Using Java in Talend

  • Creating Routines in Talend
  •  Using Custom Code in Talend
  •  Using tJava component
  •  Using tJavaRow component
  •  Using tJavaFlex component

Orchestration and Data Quality Components in Talend

  • tFileList , tFileCopy,tFileDelete,tFileExist and tWaitForFile
  • tFlowtoIterate and tIteratetoFlow
  • tUnite ,tReplicate
  • tPrejob,tPostjob
  • tUniqRow and tReplace
  • tSchemaComplianceCheck

Configuring Statistics and Logs in Talend

  • Capturing Statistics at Project Level
  • Using tWarn, tDie, tFlowMeter
  • Using tFlowMeterCatcher, tLogcatcher
  • Using Global Variables in Talend

Preparing for Deployment

  • Creating Context variables
  • Creating Context group
  • Usage of Prompts in Talend Jobs
  • Running Jobs in different contexts
  • Using tContextLoad
  • Using tContextDump

Creating Sub jobs

  • Using tRunJob
  • Passing parameters to Sub Job
  • Passing context variables from Parent Job to Child Job
  • Passing context variables from Child Job to Parent Job

Data warehousing Basics

  • Data warehousing Architecture
  • Dimension Tables
  • Fact Tables
  • Types of Schema
  • Slow Changing Dimension
  • OLAP and OLTP

Using SCD Components in Talend

  • Using SCD Type 1 implementation
  • Using SCD Type 2 implementation
  • Using SCD Type 3 implementation


  • Export and Import Talend Jobs/Projects
  • Performance Tuning in tMap
  • Performance Tuning tips.
  • Multithread Execution.
  • OnsubJob ok ,Oncomponent ok ,Runif

Case Study/ Project – Building a Retail Data warehouse

  • Discussing Business Requirements Document
  • Creating Staging Load Jobs
  • Creating Dimension Load Jobs
  • Creating Fact Load Jobs

Designing a Business Models in Talend

  • Opening/Creating a Business Model
  • Modelling a Business Model
  • Assigning Repository elements to a Business Model

Big Data Over view

  • Big Data over view .
  • Working with Big data components.

FTP components

  • FTP connection
  • ftp Get
  • ftp put
  • ftp filelist
  • ftp delete….

Memory components

  • Hash Input
  • Hash Output
  • Buffer Input
  • Buffer Output

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